Installation, Adaptive Reuse, Landscape, Public Space

TimelineSeptember 2020
LocationCentral Park, New York, NY
Team LeaderManel Paret
DesignersElene Solomnishvili, Ashley Singh
MentorsB.Akhavan, A. Zapata, E. Solomnishvili, N.Hassan

During election week and the BLM protests, many storefronts, museums, and offices have used plywood with the hope of protecting their façade and interior spaces. Is this considered and portrayed as an act of security or as an act of disengagement between societies?

Wormhole occupies a path in Central Park, near Columbus Circle where this project proposes to source plywood from. Wormhole serves as an interactive and engaging procession in which users will be immersed with local art and serene walkthrough in the middle of Central Park.

Now, many buildings in New York City are covered with plywood, and many owners have no future plans for reusing them. Therefore, the plywood boards could be transformed into a three-dimensional space where everyone can gather and reflect.

Re-Appropriating Plywood serves as a process in which we analyze the use of plywood in the current situation and speculate future uses for the plywood. The process involves dismantling the current 4’ by 8’ plywood into prefabricated pieces that create self-supporting arches. The “ribbed” path serves as a walkthrough where its structure transforms from a static to a dynamic atmosphere.

The name Wormhole has literal and metaphorical meaning. The ribbed shape of the structure is translated from an earthworm, with its curves and ribbed arches. At the same time, Wormhole is defined as a hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time. The project is a metaphorical play on this meaning, as users are transported to a different continuum within Central Park.

In Wormhole, visitors experience different natural lighting throughout the day while they sit on wooden benches surrounded by various plants that bring life - “Central Park Aura” into the wooden structure. The aim of the project is to create an atmosphere where one feels protected by the ribs while feeling the wind, nature, and tranquil sounds of Central Park.